I offer multiple services as a way to bring education, validation, and empowerment to mothers.


Childbirth Educator

Childbirth Education classes are incredibly valuable. They help bring light to the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience. Through evidence-based education and teaching methods, childbirth education enables women and their partners to make the experience a more physiologically and emotionally empowering time. Some topics covered are:

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Building a community

  • Education about birthing options

  • Tips for an easier, healthier pregnancy

  • Informed consent with providers

  • Breastfeeding education

  • Preparation for postpartum


Labor Doula

A labor doula is someone who acts as your personal coach before, during and after giving birth. I work hard to ensure that the mother's needs are met. I meet with the mother and birth team before the birth. I am there for labor and delivery, and I also will visit with you after birth to checkup. Services I offer include the following:

Labor Doula Package


  • 1 complimentary meeting to determine if we are a good match

  • 3 prenatal visits to prepare for labor, birth, and postpartum

  • An accompanied meeting with your primary care provider, if desired

  • 1 breastfeeding preparation class, if desired

  • Assistance with developing a practical birth plan

  • Access to my library for educational books


  • Texts and calls to assess needs during early labor

  • Massage and alternative pain relief measures during labor

  • Ongoing emotional and physical support

  • Labor and birth positioning suggestions for comfort and labor progress

I am available 24/7 for your birth at the moment of hiring. There are no time limits or added fees if you have an unexpectedly long labor.


  • Breastfeeding assistance immediately after delivery, if needed

  • 3 Postpartum Meetings

  • Unlimited 24/7 text, call, and email support until 3 months postpartum

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Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is an individual who helps the mother and her family after the birth of their baby. My services include:

  • One free consultation to determine if my services meet your needs

  • One prenatal appointment to create postpartum plan

  • Process the birth story and postpartum experience

  • Assist with breastfeeding (if applicable)

  • Provide list of community resources

  • Perform Closing of the Bones ceremony


Breastfeeding Counselor

I took my training through the Community School of Midwifery to be a Certfied Breastfeeding Counselor. This includes:

  • Teach breastfeeding classes privately and publicly

  • Help with pumping

  • Help with latch and positioning

  • Create individualized breastfeeding goals

  • Provide emotional support for breastfeeding mothers

  • Including working moms, multiples, and those struggling with confidence.

  • Refer out to other care providers if needed