Preparing Your Pantry for Postpartum

In the book, the First Forty Days, author Heng Ou says to take a look at your kitchen and pantry to see what items you could upgrade to help make a healthier pregnancy and your postpartum experience easier. She suggests that instead of asking for traditional baby shower gifts like those baby moccasins, ask for these kitchen upgrades. I’ve curated this list from some of her suggestions and more. I’ve specifically listed these items because they are durable and can be used in multiple life circumstances (unlike those baby moccs).


This post contains affiliate links. “The Mother Seed” is an Amazon Affiliate, and all of some of the items listed are product links to Because “The Mother Seed” is an Amazon affiliate, when you click on one of the product links and purchase that item soon afterward, we receive a small percentage at no cost to you. Items that are recommended are ones we have personal experience with or have researched and found them of high quality.

A big bottle of water to help you keep track of your hydration levels

An amazing filter to clean your water

A cast iron pan to help make your food taste really yummy but also to help keep iron levels up

A set of stainless steel funnels to help organize your bulk food

A set of weck jars to keep frozen and bulk food ready for after baby is born

A blender to help make pregnancy date bars or placenta smoothies (or whatever you want)

A few glass straws for making eating smoothies easier

A thermos to keep soup or broth warm and easy to grab

A fermentation crock to make it easy to make yummy and healthy sauerkraut

And a beautiful glass teapot that can hold boiling hot water for your batch of Red Raspberry Leaf


The links I share are either for products I have used or have been used by colleagues. I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means if you click and purchase any of the items I have linked, I receive a (very) small percentage of the sale at absolutely no cost to you.