How to Create an Affirmation Garland

IMG_1296 copy.jpg

This garland will be hung next to where the mom has her nursing station set up; so while she is feeding her new baby, she can look at it and internalize the affirmations and love from the people who wrote them. You could also only use affirmations that are related to giving birth and hang this garland up in your birthing space.

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1. Gather materials:

  • desired fabric for affirmation

  • desired fabric for creating pattern spacing

  • scissors

  • needle & thread

  • string

  • iron

  • markers (you can use fabric markers if you want, I didn't since this garland won't be washed)

2. Cut pieces of fabric. There should be one rectangle for every person in attendance (if you are making it at a baby shower/Nesting Party) or how many pieces you want to have in your garland. You will also want to have at least 2 extras in case there are mess ups. Tip: If you want your affirmations to be about something specific, say labor or motherhood, make sure to specify that. The affirmation garland I created for this post is specifically about motherhood, so all the affirmations are centered around that. 

IMG_1226 copy.jpg

3. Draw affirmations on fabric. If you are going to be creating this garland at a party, I suggest bringing a list of suggested affirmations, at least to give an example to those who will be drawing. 

IMG_1235 copy.jpg

4. Iron 1/2 inch seams (not essential, but certainly makes sewing go smoother).

IMG_1245 copy.jpg

5. Arrange fabric pieces in an aesthetically pleasing manner and then measure string to match length.

DSC00082 copy.jpg

6. Start sewing. Fold the fabric seam over the string and then sew. 

7. Enjoy and hang!