Gift Ideas for Second Time Moms

For some reason, there is an unspoken rule that baby showers are for first time moms or moms that had a boy and now are having a girl (or vice versa). In both cases, mom's needs are often forgotten and all the presents are bestowed on the baby. If people do buy presents for moms they tend to be cosmetic or short term in nature, like a chocolate bar or lotion (definitely not bashing these gifts because I love chocolate and lotion). All of the suggestions I’ve made are items that can last through more than one use and can be used for various situations and people. For example: the wreck jars can be used for storing food for postpartum but then can be used for decades afterwards, the bassinet can be used to keep baby safe but then can store stuffed animals and dolls the squatty potty can be used by everyone in the family for years, and the carrier can be used through several children and then re-gifted to a sister-in-law or neighbor. I want to make it easy for people to buy gifts for moms that are long-lasting, useful, and pretty. 

If you are a second (or more) time mom or a friend of one and want some suggestions, I hope you find these helpful:

Gift Ideas for Second Time Mom.jpg

A basket for storing all the essentials near the rocking chair.

A book to read to big sibling to explain what is happening in mom's body.

A bassinet for keeping baby adorably safe from eager older brother/sister. 

A squatty potty (either in the wood or plastic version) for more comfortable porcelain throne visits.

A set of reusable cloth pads for postpartum bleeding. 

An upgraded water filter

And some beautiful beeswax candles for helping make a space more peaceful.

An extra set of hands, AKA baby carrier.

A set of wreck jars to store food before baby is born. 

Some stainless steel funnels to make storing food into aforementioned wreck jars (or any other jar) easier.

book with recipes, suggestions, and ancient wisdom. 


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