Creating Positive Affirmations

I was struggling with appreciating my stretch marks when I was pregnant, and I felt upset about how many I had. One day I had the thought to write my thoughts and draw my belly. You can see that in my journal entry (above). I also wrote out “I love my body. I admire the way it holds my baby” and “Baby, you are leaving a mark on my body. I am never the same as I was before you.” Drawing my body and writing these positive thoughts helped remind me that I can surround myself with support.

After giving birth, I once again, struggled with my stretch marks. I drew my empty uterus and my stretch marks and said “I protect my womb just as it protected my child.  These are my memory markers. I am kind.” This reminded me that I need to be gentle and recognize the beautiful work my body has done and because of that it is something to be grateful for.

Because I tore extensively when delivering Hugh, I really felt frustrated with my pelvic floor. I felt like it would never be healthy or strong. After tearing, I got an infection and then had to take antibiotics for it which then gave me another infection. I felt like I could never heal and felt a lot of resentment with my pelvic floor.

I knew I didn’t want to have negative thoughts surround my pelvic floor and so I wrote and drew this illustration. It’s a multi-lined diamond that was supposed to be reminiscent of the female anatomy. In the center, I wrote the words, “I am strong. I breathe in strength and breathe out tension.”

I hung this picture on my bathroom wall and read it when I brush my teeth. Seeing this reminds me that those are the thoughts I want to have about my body. I feel like because I have read it every single day for the past 9 months, I have started to absorb these thoughts.

There are different ways to write an affirmation, there is no wrong. It is a positive word or phrase, a holy text or a poem or a line that you compose. Some examples of affirmations are:

  • My body knows how to heal itself. I am gentle with my body to support this process.
  • I enjoy eating healthy and wholesome foods and feel joy when I exercise.
  • I am flexible when faced with difficult situations. I know myself and trust that I can make responsible decisions for my future.

Have you heard of affirmations before? What have been your favorite affirmations that have brought you comfort?