Closing of the Bones

Part of my postpartum doula services includes a Closing of the Bones ceremony.

Closing of the Bones is a ritual that originated in South and Central America. There are also many variations of it found in Asian countries, and around the rest of the world. It’s a way of honoring the path of a mother’s journey. The belief is that after the woman has given birth, she is open: both emotionally and physically. The intent of Closing of the Bones is to envelope the mother in assurance and respect of where she has gone and who she is.

This can be done with your partner, sisters, mother, or any individual in your community that you think would help bring healing and hope. It can be done six weeks, six months, and even six years postpartum. There are some women who have benefited from this ceremony 25 years postpartum. The purpose is to bring community, gratitude, health, and healing to the mother – which is always a wonderful thing.

It’s truly a beautiful ceremony. I count it as an honor to help bring the mother back into herself and guide her through the healing process. Since my ancestry is Latin American, I feel incredibly connected to this way of honoring the mother. It is a deeply spiritual experience. It’s beautiful because there isn’t one way of practicing it; the movement and words are tailored to fit the individual mother’s needs and comfort.

Sofie’s postpartum doula work is fantastic. I felt very cared for, appreciated, and respected. Her methods are very calming and soothing. It extremely helped my postpartum depression, and made me feel more comfortable in my postpartum body. Her Closing of the Bones ceremony for me was my favorite. Like a wonderful, and much deserved spa day! LOVE Sofie and will definitely go back with my future births.
— Taylor
Sofie’s postpartum care for my wife was wonderful for the both of us. Her Closing of the Bones ceremony really helped me articulate to my wife just how much I love and appreciate the sacrifices she made for our daughter and family.
— Seth