Preparing for Postpartum

Write a Postpartum Adjustment Plan

Without consulting your partner, each of you write down five issues you anticipate could be a problem in your relationship after your baby is born.

Share your lists with one another, Listen without interrupting while your parented talks about his or her concerns. Try not to be defensive.

Brainstorm together; consider (and write down) all possible solutions including far-fetched ones.

From your lists, choose one or two solutions that seem most likely to ease each problem.

If you were to implement a solution, what would be your first SMALL step? Write it down. When the time comes, do it!

Think of this list as a Postpartum Life Preserver, and keep it visible. Hang it on your bedroom mirror or refrigerator.
—  (excerpted from Birthing From Within, p.263)
Pregnancy is not merely a waiting time. Is it time for working out together what you value in your relationship and what kind of world do you both want to create for your child. This is not a question of making a nursery and buying things for the baby, but of helping each other to change from people who are responsible just for themselves into a mother and a father, with the new responsibility that parent who brings. A man and women need to grow into parents. They’re not only a baby, but a new family is born.
— The Complete book of Pregnancy and Childbirth


  1. Chane


Birthing From Within

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Penny Simkin et al.


Sofie Jacobsen