Creating an Organized Feeding Corner

In the excitement for preparing for birth sometimes postpartum needs get forgotten (I have written about this phenomenon in this post) and one of the simple but not too unfamiliar ways to prepare for postpartum is to create a feeding corner. This is typically the area where you plan to feed your baby the most. In the traditional setting it is a rocking chair with a table or a bed and a bedside table. Whatever, or rather, wherever, your feeding corner is there are some items you might want to consider adding into your corner. I would recommend having some kind of basket or caddy that you can pack the bare essentials in to bring with you as you walk around the house. This comes in handy because there will likely be moments where you want to feed the baby in the living room rather than the bedroom (or vice versa).

In addition to having a few diapers, wipes, and a change of clothing for baby you might want to consider preparing a few items for your needs. Here is a curated collection of items that that could be very helpful to have in your feeding corner:


A beautifully designed storage container to keep everything contained (and portable)

A book to read to baby before they go to sleep

A himalayan salt lamp that casts a lovely bright but not too bright glow

An alarm clock that’s gentle on the eyes, but helps you keep an eye on the time

A tincture that’s created to help ease those after birth cramps

A pack of reusable nursing pads (the different colors help you remember if they’re used or not)

A soothing organic nipple balm

Some delicious but protein packed snacks

And a soothing and validating book for you to read.


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