We are working to create a well designed, aesthetically pleasing, informationally sound, online childbirth education class.

In addition to providing these classes, we are working to have eBooks, PDFs and handouts, an active social media community, and shop. We want this website and community to be a resource for both expecting parents and other birth workers.

Please connect with us on social media or through our contact us page.

The Mother Seed was formed after noticing several patterns and problems observed after five years of working in the birth community. Some of the following points are the issues noticed:

  • Parents have increasingly hectic schedules so they are less likely to take time to schedule an appointment to take classes.

  • Dads are less likely to take CBE (childbirth education) classes for various reasons.

  • Parents don’t want to have to travel to take the class (this is especially applicable certain areas where gas is expensive and classes can sometimes require a minimum 45 - 60 minutes travel time each way).

  • Even if there are CBE teachers that come to your home, the classes require parents to be available, have a semi clean house, and wear pants.

  • It’s hard to find classes that are aren’t biased about a particular birthing style or methodology.

  • There are increasingly more doulas and other educators out there, but not many online resources for them to share with their clients that meet all this criteria.

  • Not every city has an active childbirth community. Even if parents are interested in taking childbirth education classes, they might not have any in their area.