Growing up, my family had three dogs and when I was 17, one of them gave birth. She and I were really close and when she started labor, she ran and jumped onto my lap. I didn't know what was going on until her water broke. My mom and I were her birth assistants. It was an amazing experience to watch her give birth and to sway and rock with her. Ever since then, I've been invested in assisting the birth process.

I took my doula training course in March 2013. I also gave birth to my son in 2014 and my daughter in 2017. Those experiences solidified my belief that bodies are amazing, and to trust your instincts. 

I became a certified childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor, and postpartum doula in 2015. I serve San Diego County, and surrounding areas. I believe that no matter where or how a woman gives birth, it is a sacred and life changing event. My passion is to support women in that journey. 

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Certified Physical Health Educator
Certified Postpartum Doula
Certified Breastfeeding Educator
Certified Childbirth Educator
Completed DONA Labor Doula Training
Cultural Competency Certificate



The words I would use to describe Sofie Jacobsen would be loving, nurturing, supportive, and non-judgmental. We first met at church and when she found out I was pregnant she got so excited she offered to be my doula. I felt a bond with her even though this was the first time we’d talked and so I accepted. I knew she would help my birth experience be beautiful. During the last month of my pregnancy, Sofie came to our apartment a few times to discuss our birth plan, and helped my husband and I practice some birthing positions and counter-pressure techniques. She also gave me some useful positions and exercises to help with body aches while I waited to go into labor.

When the birthing day arrived, Sofie was available throughout my entire labor if I needed her. She was so loving during my baby’s birth. She helped apply counter-pressure, ran to get water, food, wet rags, and so much more. One of my most treasured memories is how she was aware of the entire birthing environment. I had no idea that my husband was about to faint from constantly applying counter-pressure. Sofie noticed and told him to sit down and drink, all while applying pressure to my hips and continuing to give me the visualizations and positive affirmations that my husband had been telling me. I cannot describe the bond I feel with Sofie, but she is an angel to my family. My birth would not have been as majestic without her. She kept the room full of light and love. Now, even months later, she checks up on me and talks to me. She is such a wonderful woman and will be a blessing to any baby born under her support
— Kari
The thing that I enjoyed most about Sofie’s childbirth education class was that she tailored it specifically to our needs. Both my wife and I are busy students, so setting up times to meet with Sofie was a challenge. But, Sofie worked with our schedule, and we were able to meet three times. Since our time was limited, it was important to me that we focus on the most high yield topics. Sofie let us choose the topics that mattered the most to us, which helped both my wife and I feel more comfortable about my wife giving birth. By the time my wife’s water broke, we both felt calm and ready. My wife had a rough experience giving birth, but having had the classes with Sofie, we were able to stay calm through the challenges that came. Thanks Sofie!
— Andrew
We attended Sofie’s childbirth education class Fall 2015 in preparation for the birth of our first little baby and had her come to our home for one-on-one visits. It was a wonderful experience! She helped us feel comfortable and cared  for and not only answered all of our questions (she is remarkably knowledgeable!) but offered some beautiful and profound insights into the birth process. Sofie’s love for and fascination with the gift of giving life is inspiring, infectious, and fun! She’s a wonderful teacher and a marvelous coach.
— Allison
Sofie Jacobsen’s childbirth education class in a word was amazing! It was incredibly helpful. I took her class along with my husband when I was pregnant with my first baby. I knew so little, except what I had read in books. The group taking the class was small, which provided lots of time to ask questions and get personal answers. . . . Mostly, though, Sofie just has a great, funny personality and is extremely knowledgeable about what she is teaching. And if she doesn’t know something, she quickly learns all she can and gets back to you. I highly recommend Sofie Jacobsen’s childbirth education class.
— Heidi A
I really enjoyed having Sofie help me during my postpartum experience.  She is very knowledgeable and personable and helped me with my individual and specific needs. She helped me gain a better understanding of breastfeeding, the necessities of recovery, and postpartum overall. I really liked that she was open to my ideas and feelings as well as direct and focused on helping me. She was very real and helpful in allowing me to recover by taking on my necessary tasks, including watching my children, and pampering me so I could rest, have mommy baby time and have me time when it is in short supply.
— Heidi H
Sofie was a great addition to my birthing experience. I loved that she supported me in how I wanted to do my birth and was there to help with little things so that my husband and I could be in it together. She came and visited . . . before the birth, where she talked with me about my goals and coached me on how to alleviate pain from my belly. She gave me a mini massage that felt incredible. Ultimately what stood out to me was her love and passion for birth, and that was empowering to me. . .

As soon as anything happened where I felt contractions, she was up by my bedside massaging my back, allowing my husband to be face to face with me, holding my hands. When it came time to push, I was so thirsty and my mouth was extremely dry. Sofie was right there spooning ice chips into my mouth on the side encouraging me, allowing for my husband and other family members to help with holding my legs and being a part of the birth. Post birth Sofie came and visited me and gave me an entire body massage which was much needed after a long pregnancy and birth.
She is such a sweet person, and understands the balance of when to be involved and when to step back. I really appreciated having her around and would definitely use her again as my doula!
— Erika
I initially wasn’t thinking about getting a doula until my midwife suggested because I was giving birth for the first time. I went back and forth but knew if I was to choose a doula it would be Sofie Jacobsen. I chose Sofie for several different reasons; a few of them being she knew what it was like to have a home birth, the closing of the bones ceremony she offers and the love and dedication she has for her work. Plus she is fun and easy to get along with! . . .

The night before I gave birth I was having some really painful contractions. We called Sofie and she came over right away. She kept track of my contractions, helped me move into different positions and applied pressure to my knees and back and did this throughout my whole labor. 

She gave us all of her energy and if it wasn’t for her being there three hours before the rest of my birth team showed up my birth would not have gone so smoothly. I’m grateful for all of her hard work and that she was part of our birth story.
— Carmelite
I have a good relationship with Sofie, but I was initially indifferent to hiring a doula. I honestly didn’t see any value that one would add to our situation, but my wife was interested in having one so we hired Sofie.
Long story short, having Sofie serve as our doula was nothing short of amazing. She helped us in ways that is hard to put into words. Suffice it to say, my wife’s pregnancy, as well as my composure, would not have been as smooth had she not been there. Sofie has a great personality, is easy to get along with, and is very knowledgable in her profession. If she is nearby for any of our future children, we will definitely have her serve as our doula again.
— Jeff